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A post script.

Kindly do not assume that all Washingtonians are of a particular set of beliefs because somebody in the MSM told you to call us "blue" or "red." Or because Seattle mayor McGinn is an anti-gun-pandering elitist and opportunist.

Most folks I know here are purple. And in the wet side cities--Seattleplex, Tacoma, and OlyLaceTumwater--many of us view RKBA as a civil and human right, not a political football.

IOW, there are as many "left" as "right" gunnies in my circles. It's more dangerous here on the wet side to be RKBA-positive among "progressives." No matter what your political beliefs are. You can be, well, as progressive and "blue" as I am...but as soon as you're discovered to be adamantly pro-2A (and adamantly pro-all-A), the shunning (professional and personal) begins, and you can't put your finger on it. (Anybody here read Phyllis Chesler's /Woman's Inhumanity to Woman/? It's like that--a matriarchal form of political control, intimate and personal oppression. Where you can't really point to it, or hire a lawyer.)

At the same time, there are a lot of progressive, left, anarchist, socialist, independent, queer, you name it, pro-RKBA people. Most of us stay real quiet, because the rabid antis do indeed hold much institutional power, and will in fact harass, bully, and take action against anyone who questions the orthodoxy. I figure it's just another form of PC.

Still, I know more "blue" RKBA people today than ever before here. And more and more are coming out of the closet each week...and more and more are being heartened to ask questions they were always afraid to ask before, or had no one they felt they could trust to do that without getting politically plastered. You might be surprised to know how many "blue" Washingtonians support HB 1367 even though it came out of very conservative/dry side politicians....with whom we may disagree on other things (water rights, abortion politics, separation of religion and state).

The work continues of discussing and organizing from a rational and constitutional, not a politicized, POV. I personally am pretty heartened, even as I think that among the globalizers and one-worlder types, the fix is in re: 2A. And that once they get their hands on that right--by demonizing firearms and their owners--the door will be open for them to destroy the Constitution and its adherents. But that's a separate topic, and thank you for your patience with my little rant.
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