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Was the cylinder bored out to take the longer .357 Magnum round by some insane shade tree gunsmith? Swing the cylinder out and see if a .357 Mag. will fit in the chambers...if so, then someone has bored it out...not a smart thing to do in my opinion...AFAIK, all Diamondbacks were in either .22 lr or .38 Special...

I own a .22 lr Diamondback that's got a 1.610" length cylinder but I don't know if the .38 Special versions were the same length. I just measured both the cylinder and a Remington factory .357 158 gr JHP (R357M3). The cartridge measures 1.575, making just possible to rebore a .38 Special cylinder for the longer Magnum, including a recess for the rim. I suspect that's what the OP has. HTHs Rod
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