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Wuz a surfin an saw this J-22 thread...
Well I went to the safe and got mine out. Had been at least 15 years since I'd fired it ;so disassembled, cleaned and lubed...reassembled . Loaded the magazine with mini-mags .
Stepped out on the back deck (live in tha country)Inserted the mag and pulled the slide thats when the first malfunction occured... FAILURE TO LOAD. The round barely started to chamber.
I "helped" the round into the chamber...pulled the trigger...bang...bang..then 'nother FTL..."helped it"...bang ,bang..FTL ..HELPED IT..bang .bang. What a POS !!
I really envy y'all that have a J-22 that works...for even six consecutive shots . (Now I know why I hadn't fired it ii 15 years !!)
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