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Shooting C&R in the cold and the snow

So who is shooting and if not why not. If you don't practice when the weather is bad do you think you will be able to shoot worth a hill of beans if the flag goes up and its not shirt sleeve weather.

I hunt in the snow so I might as well practice in the snow and back when the Russians and Swiss were shooting the M38 and the K31 they were doing it in the snow. Kind of tickles me to know that the old guns can still do it. It was only 26 yards but it was offhand.

This next target was shot 10:30 AM -7 degrees with an 8mph wind from behind me. Nearly froze my patootie and other sensitive parts. Should have dressed better.

So come on all you old gun shooters, lets have a little fun and see if you can shoot in bad weather like great grand daddy had to.
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