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So what is your solution if you are unwilling to even discuss the issue?
No solution, because there is nothing wrong from the gun angle. That is the issue.

But there is no issue, and until someone amends the constitution there is no reason to engage in one.

Look, the fed Politicians are stirring the pot, they can't do anything themselves except stir the pot cause they will never get the constitution amended straight up. This way they stir the pot to sway the ignorant and the emotionally driven. The hope for the Mayors and the Governors on their side of the fence to introduce local legislation. The are looking to change the laws from the bottom up, not from the top down.

They insist there must be dialogue, they insist something must be done. Then they point at the inanimate evil gun and shield the "poor disturbed individual". These folks know a lot about how to avoid responsibility. How to shift it onto others' shoulders.

They use our fear that they will "take away our guns" to trick us into bargaining away a little in order to get it all. And sure as the sun will shine, we have people doing exactly that.

How many have already decided that "no more evil black guns is far better then magazine restrictions and loosing all semiautomatic guns." But that is what they will do. It's what they did before.

They want you to say it, like an interrogator after a confession, they want you to say it "OK, maybe I don't need "Assault Weapons", you can have them if I can keep my other semis and mags up to 10 rounds."

They want you to bargain, to argue, to negotiate. They know if we do then they will get something.

But if we do not, if we hold to the 2A, and use it as our shield, then we are ok because by god the 2A says we can keep and bear exactly what they want us to give away.
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