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Let's put this to bed. I just got off the phone with Hornady. The ZMax is a plinking/varmint bullet. ANYTHING WITH a MAX DESIGNATION IS NOT FOR GAME USE. The smaller calibers are similar to the VMax. The only bullets Hornady recommends for game is Interlock, Interbond, GMX, FTX, and SST.
I don't care who you talked to at Hornady, the 160gr .30-30 zmax is not a varmint bullet. For matters of simple physics .308 varmint bullets are pretty much limited to 100-110 gr, sometimes up to 125. Hard to make mid and upper weight bullets (for caliber) with much splat factor. I'm sure much of their zmax line is constructed around varmint bullets and their pat answer is gonna read as much but it's pretty easy to see the writing with this .30-30 bullet. As also stated, they aren't gonna design a completely new "varmint" flex tip just for the zombie line .30-30. Think about it brother? The .30-30 zmax is the same as the leverevolution.

As for putting it to rest I'm all for it. The shooter didn't do his part plain and simple.
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