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Any reason to get a 9mm?

Hey guys, I'm new to the forum and new to shooting in general. I have recently purchased a .45 RIA 1911A1 and Inherited a .22 Ruger Single Six (And a Remington model 17, that one isn't handgun related though.) from my grandfather. And I am wondering if I have my bases covered between these two? or if there is any reason to pick up a 9mm or .357 right away? Other than just because I want them?

I don't concealed carry, but I have been considering getting my permit to do so. If I do decided to go that way I've been considering the Ruger SR9C, are those any good?

Sorry, lots of questions. I grew up in a liberal house hold where there were no guns at all and I went from never even shooting a gun to owning 3 in a matter of weeks, and now I've caught a bit of the gun fever .
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