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Guys, his own brass is having the trouble.The brass he bought works fine, that's why he thinks it's the sizing die.
THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! for pointing that out. i thought I made it clear enough that it was my own brass i was having problems with and not the stuff i just purchased.

How do you have your sizing die adjusted?
*all i did is screw the die into the press so it is level with the top of the shell plate. than i screwed the needle down to where ever it needed to be to pop out old primers

If you bought this brass with the understanding that the brass was sized, primed it, put powder in it, and now found the bullets are loose, that ought to tell you the neck was not properly sized.
You need to read my post again and focus on what i wrote about which brass worked and which brass didnt work right for me......
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