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So your choices are a $250.00 stock, a $400-500.00 stock and a $1,100.00 stock. I'd do some more research on that aspect. For the rifle you have, a B&C Medalist in one of its configurations with a Wyatt Outdoor Mag Kit would probably serve you beyond what you need.

One piece base ring combo with a 20 MOA, a DNZ might fit the bill, really robust and lightweight.

Timney triggers are awesome. I put one in my project rifle for last year and it was a vast improvement over the junky X-mark/pro/whatever crap that comes on it.

I just bought a Weaver 3X15X50 EMDR Tactical scope a few weeks ago. First impression is that if I run out of bullets I can use it to bludgeon someone to death with or pound stakes into the ground. The glass is clear at all magnifications. The reticle is FFP and pretty nice. The illumination is pretty good but tends to get heavy and a little distorted when turned all the way up especially if the magnification is all the way up. Turrets have positive adjustment and are decent. The only thing I haven't liked is the windage turret has a little play in it when locked down. This is probably an adjustment issue and I'll get it corrected when I finally mount it as I haven't done that yet. This is going on my project gun for the year. The set up I have described is the one I am doing to mine.

The stock will be dipped in the old Mossy Oak Bottomland pattern and the metal work will be Duracoated in the WWII Olive Drab color.
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