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Where is it written in US law (or anywhere) that one must have a need as legal justification for owning property, or taking an otherwise legal action?

Here are a couple of arguments to throw at the next person who demands you produce a "need" for something...

1) Why do you need...xxxx? I don't. Why does it matter to you?
Roza Parks didn't have a need to sit in the front of the bus. Those gentlemen didn't have a need to sit at that lunch counter...etc...

2) We have minimum wage laws. Obviously, in the govt eyes, that is all the money you need to live on. So, I'll make a deal with you, I'll give up my "assault weapon" if you will give up every penny you make, above the minimum wage....

Watch them vapor lock over those concepts. IT probably won't change their stance, but it ought to be good for at least a few minutes of entertainment!
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