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I would say try Lee 2 cavity. You can get 3 molds that have the handles already on them for less than the price of just one of the others.
Years ago I was given a Lee mold to try Sir. To be honest I had a devil of a time with it. To hot or too cold. Although the bullets it turn out were more than satisfactory for my needs (hunting & paper) I'm not one to mic every corner on a bullet looking for perfection. And my abilities for the most part cause me to want to cast bullets near frosted all the time. Then again if I were to want pretty bullets I'd polish them up with a cloth once their seated. But, I kind of turned away from aluminum shortly there after that one experience with a Lee. And went to iron from then on. You are right m&p45acp10+1 about the difference in costs. No doubt about that Sir. To have a supply of iron molds for each of the calibers here. I could have probably bought a new Weatherby Lazer Mark I kid you not. Any how. I do thank you for your input m&p45acp10+1 as it was surely appreciated._

The RCBS 150gr (drops at 160gr) shoots good from my 30-30's and so does the Lyman 311041 (drops at 180gr). I just picked up an NOE 311-165 FN (drops at 170gr). Very nice mold and it has a HUGE meplat.

I just was over there at NOE for a look see peek reloader28. That 041 and 311-165 both are neat looking bullets when I open their design sheets. Especially that 3 cav all G/C with one cav being a HP also. Now that mold is the cats meow. But it appears those molds are indeed aluminum. I suppose I could ask if there willing to machine me one made from brass. Then again I could purchase a iron 2 cav and have someone HP one cav for me. Either way the prices would probably be equal across the board. The only difference I can see would be the bullets Dia. measurement when dropped. I suppose I could call Lyman and ask about there 041. Or perhaps someone here knows and could post what it is please? I can't use a 309 here. My preferred cast is 311-312 if I can get one? Than a simple re-size down to 310 for both rifles use. Any how its a work in progress. Well Sir. Thanks again for your input also reloader 28. Knowing about the 311-165 is indeed helpful. Decisions decisions. "It ain't easy is it."

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