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I can understand why Mass cops are mad. The NY law applies to the police as well as the way the law we written there is no exception added for police.
That's the one part of the law I can actually support. Why should cops be exempt from the law? If "high-capacity" magazines are only made for murdering large numbers of people, why do the cops need them? The incident at The Empire State Building a few months back (and many others before that) clearly show the dangers of cops having "high capacity" mags.

Mentioning what I think of the NYPD on here would probably get me in trouble, but it's practically impossible to respect them (and I don't) when you hear their response after they realize that suddenly the have to follow the law to like the rest of us dirty commoners.

Give em all 7 round mags and let the criminals deal with them.

The US is in dept up to it's eye balls to China. China is using this as leverage and telling Obama to dis-arm it's public. The big question is , why does China want the US public disarmed? It will be done in small steps. Obama has 4 years to start the process.
I have it on good authority that the Illuminati and Mecha-Hitler are involved as well
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