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For a long time, the 147 grain 9mm had serious problems. So I'm sure that biased me against them. I realize they are better now. But... if you go to that heavy of a bullet, you are starting to look a lot like a 158 grain .38 Special. A modern one with higher velocity than the old RN bullets... but still. The advantage the 9mm has over .38 Special is velocity. So it seems like the wrong approach _to me_ to go to the heavy bullets. (Unless you are using a can, of course.)

With modern bonded bullets, I'm sure the 115 grain bullets work great. But once again, we are all slaves to our own memories of history. And I remember the 115 grain bullets that expanded too much or fragmented and then you got insufficient penetration. So I don't generally carry them either.

Which leaves us with the 124-127 grain bullets. Which I think is kind of funny since that's where the Germans were loading it 100 years ago. Again, any modern bullet will work. I like Gold Dots and use them in some of my guns. But if I'm actually going to carry a 9mm, my "go to load" is the Winchester Ranger LEO 127 grain +P+ SXT. I normally CCW a .357 SIG and that 9mm load gets me as close as possible in 9mm. I've shot a few varmints with it and they were VERY impressed.

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