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Here is what a 118 year old Winchester 92 looks like. It was my Great, great grandfather's and he carried it horseback for almost two decades beginning in 1895. As you can see he took very good care of it even though he had it with him riding horseback almost daily for twenty years. He was a SW Texas rancher along the Mexican border and his daily routine required him to ride. About a mile of his ranch touched the Rio Grande River. That was true frontier land and over the years he used the rifle to fight off rustlers on more than one occasion. It has saddle wear to the finish, the walnut has a few bangs and dents, but the gun was never neglected or allowed to rust. I imagine it was one of his most expensive tools and he had to make it last. I can picture him oiling it down every night. There were times that his life depended on that gun. It is still 100% functional and I still shoot a round or two through it on special occasions. It now has a nice plum patina that has never been reworked. It is a 44-40 with 24" octagon barrel. I keep it cleaned and well oiled. It is, of course, one of my "never sell" firearms.

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