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To get an accurate price you'll need to post more pictures and supply more info. Stock cartouches, barrel date and manufacturer, receiver S/N range and manufacturer, op rod drawing number and if its cut, pic of the top of the gas cylinder, bolt numbers, and picture of the trigger assembly and all the numbers on the parts. There's more and more that can be considered, but that's the big stuff. It just depends how accurate you want to be. Muzzle wear and throat erosion are also a big deal when assessing value. Hope this helps.
Very true.

If the Garand is all International Harvester, or all Winchester, parts, buy it. Look for IHC on the marked parts, or WRA.

I forget what barrels IHC’s used, but they are not marked IHC.

Anyway, if the rifle is all correct IHC or WRA you have hit the jackpot.
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