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You are getting close to where "gun control" should be, if there really needs to be such a thing.

The State should decide what types of "control" is needed. The only thing the Fed should do is make sure the State doesn't infringe on the 2nd.

Take training for example. Here in the West (Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, Montana, etc.) we don't really have any problems with learning firearm usage. It is something we learn, just like driving. Most people who are outdoors types learn by doing from an early age. In the more Urban States, I can immagine that the first time rifle owner may be 42 years old and never have touched a gun. The "One Size Fits All" approach to anything the Fed does never makes much sense.

Now, TFLers, don't jump on me for generalizations in the above paragraph. That is how I see it. I understand that there are those people out west that have never shot and I understand that there are urbanites who are pros. (Thats another problem with control, there are always special intrests groups who get their feelings hurt from it, so it is better not to have it sometimes!)

Edit: P.S. My shooting out on the BLM, where there aren't any, zero, people for 15-30 miles is a whole lot different than shooting at a range near a city. The rules for one, don't work at all for the other. Fed control of anything muddies the water even more.
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