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Intentions for farm rifles can run a very wide gambit and it's very hard to recommend just one not knowing what you need. So I'll toss out some guns that I think work well.

- Ruger 10/22. Yes it's a lowly .22lr but it is cheap to feed, has quick follow ups. More critters have died at my place via the 10/22 than all other guns combined. Not gonna DRT many coyotes or dogs with it but when it comes to getting rid of varmints I don't care if they die on the spot or 400 yards away. Max range for pest control = 100 yards.

- Remington 597 Magnum. Same advantages as the 10/22 but with more thump and range at added expense. Good, solid, accurate guns. Honorable mention to the .22M lever guns.

- Good ol' .30-30. Great handling guns with a great cartridge. Won't reach out there 500 yards but will kill anything that walk's the lower 48.

- Mini-14/30 Ranch. Not as accurate as some would like but when it comes down to it they just plain ass get the job done. Slick little carbines, fast follow up shots. Honorable mention to the SKS (fixed mag).

- 12ga. pump. OK, not a rifle and it has the shortest effective range of any of the guns listed. But easy to use, easy to hit with, versatile and effective. I like mine with barrels around 22" with choke tubes. Great choice for night work.

As you can see I like and recommend carbines. I'll sacrifice range for handling and faster follow up shots. No bolt guns for me when it comes to general purpose farm guns.

Note: Dedicated predator, varmint and deer guns I do like and use bolt guns almost exclusively. I like accuracy and range. But when it comes to farm, ranch and truck guns I prefer those listed above.
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