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^^ Armslist has been great here too.

Yesterday morning was looking at my Motly AK pairing, a Yugo and a WASR-10

Poked at Armslist... there's a guy two towns away with a Yugo who wants to trade it for a WASR-10 + $100.

Emailed, he called, and an hour later I'm oput $100 and have the Yugo, and he's on his way with the WASR-10.

Needed some ammo, looked again, case lot of Wolf 7.62x39 in my town for "pre-panic plus about $50", called, met 300 yards from my house in the bank parking lot, went home... ammo secured.

CCW has become the ID card to transfer between individuals here, BTW. Most guys will not buy/trade/sell without them. I've decided that I will not sell to non-CCW holders. It's the "self imposed instant cred check".

It's become the new gunshow.


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