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Nice pre-Model 10/pre Victory there, KYJim.

If someone told you that it's a pre-M&P, though, that's absolutely incorrect, because the Model of 1899, the very first .38 Hand Ejectors, were Military & Police Models, and that name has been carried through to today.

If this were anything other than a hobby, if it were a vocation, if peoples' lives depended on exact, specific terminology, that would be one thing.

But this is a hobby, and most of the disputed designations being discussed here arose from the various hobbyist communities, not from official factory nomenclature.

Supica and Nahaus include some of those hobbyist designations in their books, but that in no way conveys any sense or nature of officiality other than they're the ones who compiled the book. It certain means no official standing from S&W.

Until Congress passes a law instituting an S&W equivalent of the Icelandic Language Council, those terms remain hobbyist designations with absolutely NO official status other than some people use them, and some don't.
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