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Hi all ,

Constantine ,You are quite correct , even if I had all the money in the world , it is not just a matter of buying guns until I find the perfect one , the law here makes it a bit difficult , but , yes there are a few good gunsmiths here , I am less that 100miles east from Johannesburg , I live in Evander Mpumalanga (about 10 miles from Secunda )

Regarding the law about handguns Here is SA , you are allowed one Handgun for self defense , one for occasional sport shooting and as far as I know it is unlimited for dedicated sport shooting , but for that you must first earn dedicated status by earning 6 points per year , which is not to hard achieve , but for now , I do not have dedicated status , so I have to get rid of my 38sp revolver first , before I can buy another gun and I will only do that once I am certain that the Glock functions good enough to trust it for SD .

So I do have time still to decide and shop around , maybe I will get the parts and have it put together .

Thanks for everybody's input , it is much appreciated .
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