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Well said Wogs ...

I might just add something, if I may, on the point made about the avoidance of BT's in Enfields. Some people will come out swinging saying that BT's shoot just dandy in their Enfield and they would be right to say it. The issue of BT's does not apply to Enfields across the board but is specifically directed to No4's with 2 groove barrels. Ah huh ...

It has been observed over the years that as the 2 groove barreled No4's achieve more wear, an opportunity exists where blow-by with BT's becomes an issue which can result in the projectile leaving the muzzle in an unstable manner - thus causing problems with accuracy. A 2 groove with lots of life (meat on the lands) should present few problems however. You won't have any such problems with BT's in 5 groove barrels, as even with wear, there is more rifling for the projectile to contact.

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