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Despite the risk of arousing someones ire, I feel the urge to add my comments to this discussion. I worked for many years as mechanic and learned early on to be very specific in my nomenclature of make/model/year and various other sundry details of whatever machine that I was working on.

This OCD attitude has permeated my life and I find that now I dislike it when someone is trying to describe something using the most basic of generalities. True, if someone says "I have a pre model 10" I would know what they basically have, but only in the most general way.

If, however, they say "I have a pre war M&P, model of 1905 4th change, Smith and Wesson in .38 special" you know exactly what they have. I think that part of the problem is the general laziness that seems to have overtaken our language, where people don't want to take the time to be more specific. You know, the old "that's close enough" attitude.

Now, I don't have a world class collection of Smiths, in fact it only consists of seven guns. I have, however made the effort to know what I have, when it was made and a little of the history of the various guns in my safe.

I know that my personal feelings about the whole "pre model" thing will make no difference in what people say. If others want to be somewhat lazy, that is their business, not mine.

Don't get me started on those that post on the forums with questions regarding what year their gun was made, when if they had bothered to take a few minutes to do some research, they could have found out using the same online sources that those who answer them use.

And then there are the people that have questions about their S&W .38 CTG.

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