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Thanks L_Killkenny, Sure Shot Mc Gee, Art Eatman, gundog5. All you fellas have been a big help. I'm going to do just what you guys have said build me up some loads till I'm happy with it and have some fun with it. Good Lord willing I'll save up a little each payday and get the things I need for a rebuild while the prices are still low and put them to the side for a later time. I had a bossman at the place where I worked that took his 243 and built a rifle that was a scream to shoot. He took the 243 case and necked it down to 224 cal and had a smith to build a stainless steel bull barrel made to fit the round and put it on a Remington 700 action he would load for it one weekend and go chuckhog hunting with his buddies at the end of each month. That fella would go all over the country hunting them little gubbers. He's one of the reasons I got hooked up with my first 243. They are net little rifles. I like shooting mine they don't beat you to death to have a little fun with. Welp all you fellas have a good day.
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