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Cool accessory... Grip Pod

Not to be confused with cheap imitation bipod grips, I was lucky enough to get a good price from Rob96 on TFL's classifieds on a genuine Grip Pod foregrip/pushbutton military bipod. It fits perfectly on my AK's Tapco lower handguard, far forward enough that it doesn't interfere with the changing of magazines and yet long enough to fit my entire hand. I have tried the "stubby" grips but they just didn't feel right, much like the difference between a two-finger and three-finger pistol grip.

The Grip Pod only weighs 7 ounces, but it's extremely well built with stainless steel-reinforced legs. I haven't tried standing on the rifle with the legs extended, as shown in the ads (not sure my Tapco collapsible stock is up to that), but I have no doubt that the Grip Pod is very tough. I think I'm really going to enjoy this on my next range trip rather than trying to use several bags built up to the correct height.

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