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Like the above posted said, I also got my shield compact for about 330, new with a friends discount. With that being said I paid almost 630 for my PPS, with no discount, and it was worth every penny. Even price considered its leaps and bounds above the shield for me.

Fantastic review. I agree with everything you said, and love my gun to death. I recently retired it for a full size XD40, because I have also decided I want to carry more firepower at once.

And anyways my only grip with the PPS is that sometimes the magazine when shooting with bite my pinky finger.. Its like when it loads it pulls up on the mag, and because there is a little extra room between the grip and the magazine it will sometimes pinch. Just sometimes, I dont know why. Its not all the time. Maybe its the ammo I used but I cant narrow it down.

Other then that, its one of my most favorite hand guns, aside from my Beretta 92FS
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