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Ive always heard good things about the GP guns, if i decided to go the route of a revolver what should i look for when buying used? I know a tight lock up is important but is there anything else that i should be worried about?
Over in the revolver subforum there's a sticky about inspecting used wheel guns. I have a used GP100 and a new SP101 and they're great. A little heavy for what they are but that weight is a result of their strength.

also if a revolver seizes can it be repaired? i ask because its the swamps and it will only be a matter of time before i get it all gunked up. I apologize for all the bad questions but i really have no clue on revolvers
That's a bit like asking how much it's going to cost to fix your car if it ever needs repair. It'll depend on what's wrong with it. If you're in swampy areas I'd suggest a shoulder holster just to keep it out of the mud and water that much more. If it does take a swim check for barrel obstructions and when you get home take it apart and clean it really well.
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