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@ JohnKsa:
2 inch group is more then I hoped for! Great. I was thinking, actually to have trigger re-arranged with our local gun smith. He did a great job on a my friends CZ.

@ Hammerhead:
Re: Colt 1911, I was planning to purchase at later stage of my competition carier in original 45 ACP cal.

Re: SIG 226 9mm, this one I was planning when getting good results with cz 75. SIG 226 9 mm goes around 2500 usd in my country with micrometric sights, match barrel and adjusted trigger pull - for competition. CZ is around 800 usd, to compare.

So, both pistols will require some investements I am not yet ready to make, and will also have to work out the fund raiser and budget approval in my home parliament (wife).

Anyhow, she was quite pleased I won a trophey last year on local automatic rifle competition, as she already had suspicions of how much time I spent at range, and was presuming on other type of activiteties I might been involved with. She was almost certain I was having an affair. .... till I got the trophey back home!

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