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I fairly often have some version of the dream where I pull the trigger, but can't quite get it all the way back, and the gun won't fire. Sometimes I'm hunting and the pheasants flush, but I can't get the trigger to pull. Other times, I'm about to get beat up by scumbags or something like that, and I pull my gun out, but it won't fire. A few times I've even thought, in the dream, "Oh crap, I've had dreams like this, and now it's really happening to me!"

And then I wake up.

Yeah, I've also had the dream where I'm at a fancy party but can't find the bathroom. I get some version of that one a few times a year. It's similar in recurrence to the one where I'm back in college, and suddently realize it's time for the final exam, but I haven't been going to class. Man, that one stresses me out, big time!
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