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As some have suggested, I believe one needs to find a way that works for THEM. I do NOT believe that I should hold a pistol, or any other hand held object, the same way Joe Blow or anyone else does, master class or not. Everyone is built a little different.

This kind of concept comes up all the time with guitar players. So-And-So says "You absolutely have to have your thumb 'here' or you can't play well". Whenever that kind of absolute, one sided opinion surfaces, I invite them to go have a look at those guys that are missing fingers, thumbs or even arms who can play the heck out of their instruments.

I don't have to use the same stance that Jerry Mic or Todd or Col Cooper uses/used. I can choose one of those, modify one, combine more than one, or throw them all out and develop my own.

A GOOD coach, if you have such a luxury, SHOULD evaluate what you're doing and suggest modifications based on what might resolve problems you're displaying.

A BAD coach, will tell you that you must stand this way or that, hold your thumbs here or there etc, based NOT on what YOU need but on what THEY do.

Discover what works for YOU. All that counts is holes where you want them.

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