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The only problem with this is that no law you, I, or Chuck Schumer can dream up will keep bad people form doing bad things.
As it happens the action I personally feel would be a step in the right direction; "safe storeage of guns not in use", would actually make it harder from some of those bad things being perpetrated with a gun, at least.

Rest assured, however, the other thread dealing with storage has plenty of replies outlining why people are opposed to that too...

If you give them an inch, they'll keep it, and ask for a foot, knowing you'll give them an inch, "as a reasonable compromise", and keep that, too. Repeat ad infinitum.
So what is your solution if you are unwilling to even discuss the issue?

Chuck Schumer sees the same thing and concludes the Laws were not tough enough to prevent it, so they need to be made tougher.
I agree, but I can't blame him too much: everyone does that about one law or another.

Yes. If only one side makes it's case, and the other side is silent, who gets credibility?
The problem is people actually give these points credence by trying to argue them, and not trying to debunk them. That is the part that puzzles me.

The "pro-gun control" bunch are leading the agenda by what they put out in the media, and the " pro-gun" bunch are then trying to take bites out of what the others have said.

The "pro-gun control" bunch say that "we know gun control works by looking at gun deaths in the UK", for example. What do the "pro-gun" group do? They then fall over themselves trying to pick holes in the statistics from the UK, instead of pointing out that looking at the UK tells no one anything about what is happening in the States.

I don't feel, at this time, that US gun owners are being well-represented by those who have been chosen, or chosen themselves as spokes-persons for gun-rights...

The only guy I've seen lead and not get side tracked in a discussion was a youngish man (with a somewhat high-ish voice) who was interviewed by Piers Morgan. He did well. He pointed out that issues raised were actually irrelevant, rather than trying to win an arguement about them. More of the same, please!

I hope that gun owners have indeed taken action themselves by writing to their state representatives....
If not, well....
When the right to effective self-defence is denied, that right to self-defence which remains is essentially symbolic.
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