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If you were a gun designer today and you were creating a brand new handgun with a fresh sheet of paper AND your primary requirement was accuracy... would you give it a 1911 action? With a lockup that has to drop out of the slide and a bushing up front? I highly doubt it!
Well, if you also want that gun to be a magazine feed semi-auto in a major caliber such as 9mm or .45 then you are going to have to use some sort of locked breech design, the most common of which is John Browning's tilt barrel design.

And while some may malign the barrel bushing on the 1911, it's one of the things that helps make the gun accurate. Along with the rear lugs being fitted, a tightly fitted bushing keeps the barrel locked up in the slide and pointing in the same direction every time. Even on a lowly production gun installing a tighter fitting bushing can usually make a noticeable difference in the gun's accuracy without affecting its function.
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