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Well, I'm coming at this from an outside perspective.
I obey the local laws and use my guns responsibly.
As do I.....


But I'm not afraid to explore and consider all options. That doesn't commit anyone to anything, except thought.

If you give them an inch, they'll keep it, and ask for a foot, knowing you'll give them an inch, "as a reasonable compromise", and keep that, too. Repeat ad infinitum.


Any laws that come into effect in the US are unlikely to affect me but, as a human being, I would like to see fewer lives being ended prematurely so if a solution were found that was acceptable to all, it would be nice.
The only problem with this is that no law you, I, or Chuck Schumer can dream up will keep bad people form doing bad things. I take the Sandy Hook incident and say, "See: the toughest gun laws in the country did not stop this.", and conclude that more gun laws won't deter people that don't give 3 farts in a windstorm what ANY law says...... and Chuck Schumer sees the same thing and concludes the Laws were not tough enough to prevent it, so they need to be made tougher.

Acceptance of the latter argument makes the fact that it won't stop nutters doing nutty things a guarantee for a total ban, eventually.

If the media says it, do you (collectively) have to respond? Why?
Yes. If only one side makes it's case, and the other side is silent, who gets credibility?

Not that explaining things logically will help: a majority of voters in this country are so ill-eduacated they can not make rational political decisions, relying instead on emotion to tell them what to think..... The Other Side understands this, as they brought out a Brain Damaged gunshot victim to make their case for more gun control, despite the fact that the attacker could have caused more carnage with a sedan than he did with his Glock..... gun laws will not deter those who don't care about the laws.

They do not understand the COTUS, and have not a clue what their rights actually are. How can they value something they have no understanding of?
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