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Felixx congrats on the rifle. I have three 10/22s and i have only had problems with one of them. It would not always eject the empty. I put a new Volquartsons extractor in it and its 100% now. I think the stronger spring was the answer.

I was interested in this rifle also but did read a post about one rifle where the take down fitting pulled out of the receiver. Apparently it is a press fitted part. I thought the post was on this forum or THR but I'll be danged if I can find it.

Ruger told him to send it back but he was going to repair it himself. I think he was a pretty smart joe because his repair sounded like it should work. Its what I would have done without a warranty. But if Ruger would repair it I would have sent it to them.

And I really like your choice of a scope.
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