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CZ 75b - target competition shooting

Hello, all.

I started some more serious target shooting 2 years ago in my local club. Although I grew up with guns at home (my granpa was a hunter, and retired army officer), just recently I started with semi-auto pistol target shooting.
Without much training my score is ussally slightly better then the other guys in my club, which I find personally very motivating, so now I am planning to buy a new pistol for this purpose, and start more regular training before the next competition season.

COnsidering availability, price etc... I was planning to purchase CZ 75 B, as I am still not trained enough (and ready) to buy 3.000 usd pistol to make the best of its use.
I was also considering 9mm xdm, being at the similar price range, but voted against mostly because there is no .22 LR conversion kit for this one.

I have seen many posts related to this gun (cz 75 b), but could not find one thing which is of particular interest of mine, which is expected accuracy of this pistol.

So, the question is this:
What is the group that can be expected from this pistol at 25 yards, shot from bench rest?

Many thanks in advance!
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