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The thing about the AICS stocks are, you either love 'em, or you hate 'em. I have never met anyone that said, "Eh, it's okay."

My opinion is that the AICS is a rather large stock.... and I think 20" barrels in an AICS chassis just looks silly... But that's just me

I personally would rather put it in a McMillan and have it bedded for less cost (and McMillan's look nicer IMO).

What is your budget for a scope? How far do you intend to shoot the gun? What applications (i.e. range gun, tactical competition)?

On another note...
I dropped a timney trigger in my SPS today and I'm having trouble with it. Went in easily but where the bolt has been fully engaged with the stock trigger the timney hammer won't throw, I have to ease the bolt handle back up just tenths of an inch before it completes firing....any ideas???
Those triggers are supposed to be "drop in" fits. It giving you that problem is an AD waiting to happen, IMO. You should take it to a gunsmith to have it looked at before you take it to the range.
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