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Hornady Sizing Die Problem!

I have the Hornady Lock n Load AP press and I also have the hornady dies. I am working on 223 rounds and I ran accross a problem. I am loading the 223 rounds with the Hornady SP with cannelure bullets. The problem I have is that when I seat the bullet it slides up and down and I can spin the bullet where the cannelure is. So it seems that I am not crimping it enough...... So you would probably say it is my seating die that I am having problems with..

Here is the thing... I just bought some once fired Remington brass and this is the description... "All cases are fired and have been deprimed, cleaned "INSIDE" and out, full length resized (checked with Dillon case gage), trimmed to length, primer pocket swaged, and polished"

So it says it is resized so I DID NOT put my sizing die. I started putting brass in and ran some through the press. When i seated the bullets they were tight and couldn't move the bullet. So that is why I am saying it might be my sizing die.... Can somebody help me?? I use Imperial Sizing Wax or Hornady One Shot Case Lube in the aerosol can. Let me know if you understand my problem or need more info..
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