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2nd Range Trip: Sig P290RS

So took the wife out again with the Sig and shot another 240 rds(at 400 now). Not one issue. She shot mostly Blazer 124gr FMJ's with 50 or so Federal 115gr FMJ's. We are both still getting used to the DAO trigger, but at 15 yds we can regularly hit the torso on the targets with quite a few being center mass. We both have noticed we pull shots low left for me(RH) and her low right(LH). I am sure that has to do with trigger pull if I remember corectly. But all in all this is an amazing pistol, and would highly recommend it. The DAO may not be for everyone, but it is very smooth and I know with practice we will master it. I feel confident the wife will be able to defend herself if need be.

- Amazing feel while shooting
- Easy to acquire sights
- Very very minimal recoil
- It will be very easy to conceal

-the only one would be the 290 isnt the easiest pistol to take down and clean. But I figured out a good way to do it via youtube.
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