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My ammo doesn't last very long to really need to worry about storage. For .357 Mag I normally put them into Zip-loc freezer bags and remove as much air as possible when closing them. They normally have 200 per bag. These go into a plastic dry box that looks like a 50 cal. ammo box. I write with a marker on the bag the power used and the amount along with the bullet type and weight. It makes it easier to identify what it is. You could also add a date and primer type as well. You can put a pretty good amount in one of those cans. They do get heavy too. Stored this way they should last a lot longer than I will. I also keep them in the house since it is climate controlled. When I get the box filled I move on to another caliber to load up next.

A lot of times I just reuse the original factory boxes and put a lable on them with the load information. I also have several tupperware boxes filled with ammo I loaded. Those also get a label or if it is a load I commonly make I write on it with a marker.

Basicly any method you can come up with to keep them sorted and labled will work if you only want to store them for a year. A climate controlled building storage and you can add a lot more time. Sealed container in a climate controlled building will allow you to store them for a very long time.

Remember to keep the load information with them no matter what method you use. Many new loaders will go through several different loads to find what works best for them. Knowing just how it is loaded might help you determine later if you want to shoot it or just pull it to change to the load you currently prefer.
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