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I know my Lyman handles fit RCBS molds, but I had to drill seperate holes in them for a Saeco mold. If you have a drill press its easy. Or get some Lee 6 cav handles. Cheap and very nice handles.

Alotta guys like the Lee 30 cal molds. I have tried nothing but their pistol molds.

The RCBS 150gr (drops at 160gr) shoots good from my 30-30's and so does the Lyman 311041 (drops at 180gr). I just picked up an NOE 311-165 FN (drops at 170gr). Very nice mold and it has a HUGE meplat. Still working on the perfect load for it, but it shows promise. Should make an awesome hunting bullet. I do have to use the Lee handles with the NOE mold.
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