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Where are you in NY? I know things vary a great deal from county to county, but it really sounds like you are overstating the expense. Who did you speak to? There is no state law that requires a course, again, that is a county requirement. (in Monroe Cty, I didn't need one) Three references are pretty standard. A background check by the local police force, and 3 sets of fingerprints. I think the total fees I paid about 10 years ago was about $100, the biggest chunk of that the fingerprint fees.
If you want a revolver, fine.
Someone mentioned an 8 shot revolver, there has not been a clear answer given on the legality of actually putting 8 rounds in one. I have emails into both my state assemblyman and senator, both cannot answer and are actively looking for answers for me. No one has one.
There are some pretty nice semiautos with 7 round capacity. Kahr, Beretta Nano, S&W Shield. That part of the law does pretty much, uh, well you get the idea, but the choices aren't completely gone.
I haven't found any part of the new law that limits possession of magazines to two. Where are you getting that from?
I think the restrictions are a joke, but I also think you are convincing yourself the situation is worse than it really is.
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