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10/22s are kind of addicting. I have a few, but only one is an actual Ruger and none of them were bought as a complete gun. If cool is part of what you want, you want a 10/22. The customization is almost limitless.

If you are on a budget (under $300 or so) then try the local Pawn Shop or gun shop that carries used guns. 10/22s are plentiful. Then accessorize a bit and go shoot.

If you want a truly custom creation, there are receivers from TM, TI, TS, and VQ. There plenty of bolt, trigger, barrel and stock options. From the low end, you can be in the $350 range, high end...well north of $1K. From a box of parts, it takes me under an hour to build a 10/22, the first one took maybe 30 minutes longer and there are no special tools needed.

If you want some great accuracy but minimal customization, the Marlin 795/7000 are probably the best value in a box magazine auto-loader out there. Very accurate with good controls and a decent stock trigger.
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