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Bob, its much less about the Glock and much more about getting people involved. My good friends Constantine, AK103 and 915 know I am anything but a Glock fan, but then again as a young man I never went for the ugliest date I could find.

I wouldn't want anyone to confuse me for a mall ninja. And imagine the embarrassment of being seen with such a thing... No, no thanks.. I don't want people to think I find below average as being great

Still in previous adventures in this forum I have found Glock fans that seem to deeply like it and I figured what a good way to get more people writing their state reps and the link provided makes it as easy as falling off a log. Glock is suppose to have such a great market share so what better group to pick on to get involvement.

To this point with little exception there hasn't been much of a take up on my offer. For myself if I got 500 people to write Id say I exceeded my wildest dreams... I do despise Glock but I despise gun control much more...

In any case the offer stands... And its not even that I dislike all Glocks... I have seen a few customs that aren't eye sores. Please get people cranked up and get them using this link... Make me eat my words... I will live up to my part of this.. Glock or non Glock at least in this thread its just a tool Im hoping to help use to persevere our rights for all of us...
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