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To USMC EOD - I can understand but if you read the links you would see that these four actions really are paperweights; but still useful for my purpose though. I would never think of selling them to anyone to use. And too, if you read through it all, I am being careful.

To James k - show me a test on '93 and '96 mausers that would satisfy my curiosity enough, then maybe I wouldn't do it. Ackley said he was going to continue testing, he didn't, at least not that I'm aware of. Believe me, I searched high and wide for such. I've wanted to this for years. Supposedly, SAMCO had White Labs test Spanish conversions of '93's to 7.82 NATO. That was in the 80's you think you could find a copy of that document - NOT! Only an iteration in Gun's and Ammo. Occasionally I've read posts about firing mausers to destruction but they are so vague how can one believe them? You can find more about efforts to destroy a Carcano than an early mauser. Like I said, it's just a Jones of mine.
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