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Actually, the anti gunners have the same attitude that alot of people have. "Nothing bad will happen to me if there were no guns" We had a world without guns centuries ago and mankind still killed/raped/extinguished races
Police protection is mostly writing a report ...after the fact.

I choose to be able to protect myself,family and neighbors if need be. One person cannot stop three or more unless he has an equalizer. Even if a terrible marksman, I prefer at least a "chance" of getting through a situation.
Anti gunners live in a dreamworld where nothing will happen to them. Good luck.

On the other hand...I'm concerned over the macho statements being tossed around at the anti gunner crowd. Also the tee shirts being sold that are vulgar and,in my opinion, inflame the anti gunner crowd and possibly swaying the "on the fence crowd" into joining the oposition camp.

I prefer a peaceful, legal organized defense of our RIGHTS. (not to say others don't)
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