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I owned a Bersa Thunder 380 for awhile. It was OK but there were several things I ended up not liking.

I found the safety difficult to use and eventually I came to realize I don’t like slide mounted safeties. That’s not the fault of the gun just personal preference.

I never got used to the trigger. The DA and SA triggers were so different I felt like I had to reposition my hand when going from one to another. The SA trigger had an absurd amount of take-up.

The gun wouldn’t throw an unfired round clear. I had to tilt the gun over and dump the round out before releasing the slide. If I didn’t it would double feed another round from the mag and jam up good. This meant in a SD scenario a FTF could be problematic. I never actually had a FTF with that gun but I did have several people rack the slide with an unfired round in the chamber; which is how I discovered that little quirk.

Mine was reasonably accurate and I never had any other failures or breakages. From a cost standpoint it was a pretty good buy. Ultimately I never really warmed up to it and it was traded for something else.

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