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I have been a loyal Grafs customer for the last few years. I have always praised Grafs on these forums. In almost every case, I received a notice saying my stuff was shipped the next day.
10 days ago, I ordered some reloading supplies for milsurps that they had plenty of in stock. The stuff I wanted was not even close to being in high demand IE; .312 bullets. I sent email inquiring about my order and Grafs told me it would be another 2 weeks before it would ship even though the stuff was in stock. They never bothered to let me know I would have such a long wait when I placed the order and when they emailed me receipt of my order the next day.
After finding out it would be another 2 weeks, I cancelled the order. I was able to find what I wanted from other venders who promised next day ship. These other venders will be my go to folks from now on and after the panic is over.
They have since placed a disclaimer about delays in shipping, but the disclaimer was added after I placed my order

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