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Reynolds357 is correct about using (not using) explosive bullets in rifles like the 220 Swift for deer. When I was host hunting (me being the host), I let the guests shoot deer, and I'd plug the occasional coyote with my 220. Well, if the ranch house got low on meat, they'd call me on the radio to shoot a doe. Often all I'd have was that 220, and it would have the old Nosler 55 grain Solid Base Boattails, which were less explosive than today's Ballistic Tips. It was iffy shooting deer with that bullet, so finally I'd just borrow a guest's rifle. Like so many others have said, ya gotta match the bullet to the job. I use a lot of BT's but I won't use a Varmint Ballistic Tip on a deer. Not anymore I won't.

And I sure hope the OP isn't using those pointy hard plastic tipped bullets in the 336 tubular magazine. That's disaster waiting to happen.
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