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As I said, most folks that favor one also favor the other; I didn't dispute that. Can you show me where those particular professors write about disarmament and how it would help push toward the collapse of the current social welfare system?

I like ice cream, I like steak, I don't have to have ice cream to enjoy my steak.

We're among friends so I'm not trying to be snotty or pedantic... I just fail to see where one is dependent on the other.

If Cloward and Piven were trying to use the government to force their doctrine upon us your connection would make some sense. They are proposing that the people (at least the poor ones) force the government to change. Whole different thing and disarming us would not help realize their aspirations.

Even a former writer for "The Nation" felt the answer (post VA tech shootings) was to arm more people. Not all who are in favor of social welfare are gun grabbers. I think it's best if we focus on the issue at hand, doing otherwise does not add strength to our argument.

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