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Hi everybody. So good to be here! I'm Jim Lee. Been shooting a little over 50 years. I was a gunsmith with the old Mashburn Arms Co. in Oklahoma City 10 years and Southwest Shooter Supply 4 years. Haven't been a practicing gunsmith since the early 90's, but have been teaching it at the Canadian Valley Technology Center in El Reno, OK for 25 years. Favorite handgun is the old mod. Ruger single action. Have 9 and am always in the market to buy or trade for more any time the deal is right. Worked my way through college as a "gunfighter" at Frontier City, USA in OKC. Have an M1, an M1A, and a Mini-14 marked OHP on the receiver, but will always prefer old classics be they, Colt, Winchester, Mauser, Springfield, or antiquish stuff like that. Great forum.
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