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Hi-Point. No joke!

For a cheap handgun that will go bang every time and be reasonably accurate out to 15-20 yards a Hi-Point is a darned good buy at around $150-$200 new.

The Hi-Points I've handled would shoot anything you fed them and were reasonably accurate (2-4" groupings). Good enough to take down 4 legged and 2 legged critters you might meet in the woods unless its a bear... then you're up a creek.

The best thing is if you're in a swamp and you do somehow manage to drop your gun in the water its not such a loss as if you went and spent more money on another gun. Heck for that price you could have 2 (or more if you did some good shopping) for the $400 budget you're on!

I might add though that they're ugly as sin and heavy to boot but Hi-Point's CS is top notch (lifetime no questions asked warranty) and the price point really can't be beat for the combination of reliability and CS. Sure its all MIM with pot metal but they're so heavily engineered I have yet to see one fail and I've seen some that were pretty badly abused.
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